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Acid Pauli @ Fusion Festival 2015

Acid Pauli ist gerade vom Burning Man zurück und hat mal eben sein Set, das er auf der diesjährigen Fusion gespielt hat, in die Soundcloud geladen. So lasse ich mir den Montag nach einem verdammt harten Wochenende gefallen. Schönes Ding, sehr schönes Ding!

After a Fusion pause last year it was about time to return and I have to say it was more than a pleasure to play at Seebühne that early Sunday morning, right after Be Svendsen’s amazing set. For some moments even the sun joined for a little dance. And there were so many happy faces to see. The last 20 minutes are a reminiscence to my set at Splore festival, New Zealand, earlier this year. I had brought some of my favorite Kiwi music, but ended up in a rush towards the end as they were cutting my set-time. I wanted to to this one more time, properly, without rush. Fusion was the perfect place and moment for it.

(Direktlink, via Testpiel)

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