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Schlagwort: Aerial

Drohnenfotografien verlassener Anwesen in Nordamerika

Der in Portland lebende Fotograf Brendon Burton fotografiert für seine fortlaufende Serie „Thin Places“ verlassene , zerfallende Häuser in Nordamerika. Das liest sich jetzt nicht sonderlich spektakulär, sieht aber doch beeindruckend aus.

(via this isn’t happiness))

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Ein menschenleeres Frankfurt am Main aus Sicht einer Drohne: Lockdown

Eine optisch ruhende Finanzmetropole von oben. Schon beeindruckend zu sehen, wenn auch ich mir nur schwer vorstellen kann, dass es dort aktuell wirklich so aussieht. Wüsste ich nicht mal für unsere Innenstadt, war da seit 10 Tagen nicht. Aber spüre deutlich um mich herum, um wie viel leiser das alltägliche Leben geworden ist – und allein das empfinde ich schon als ziemlich krass.

Bei Haussmann Visuals hat man über dem gelockdownten Frankfurt eine Drohne in die Luft geschickt, um den dortigen urbanen Stillstand zu dokumentieren. Scary times.

Disclaimer: This video was shot on Sunday morning between 7am and 8am. Our drone pilot carrying out the shots is a permit holder to be allowed to e.g. fly above federal roads and waterways (1:1 approach + overflight) or private ground.

(Direktlink, via FernSehErsatz)

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Video: Max Cooper – Perpetual Motion

Sehr schönes Video, das Nick Cobby für Max Coopers „Perpetual Motion“ gebastelt hat. Luftaufnahmen, gemischt mit allerhand Glitch. Und der Track geht sowieso klar.

„Max’s idea for Perpetual Motion was to document the continuous movement of people, exploring how there is no inherent meaning in life, only our own meaning which we create through striving towards our goals. When we discussed the idea of the film, Max and I felt Mexico City was the perfect place to use as a canvas. A sprawling metropolis of 9 million people, all packed in tight and some really interesting land forms and architecture. I then got the idea of using drones when scouting for locations on Google Earth. There were some amazing geometric forms that when viewed from above give an entirely different perspective of the city. I was really interested in the juxtaposition of these orderly forms with the irregular, disorderly chaos confined within it. For me it really helped push the idea of living as part of a perpetual system. I collaborated with 3 very talented Mexican photographers who shot some incredible footage for me, Manuel Marañón, Roberto H and Santiago Arau. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them and I hope the film can be shown in Mexico some time soon. For the animation side, I collaborated with Andy Lomas and Jessica In, integrating their forms frame by frame into the drone footage with my own point data, aiming to create unexpected transitions and connections between reality, hyper realism and the hidden systems beneath.“

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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10/10 Drone Control

Shaggy FPV mit seiner Drohne und jeder Menge Skills über Gudvangen, Norwegen.

Norway is beautiful. Amazing steep rock walls, fjords, glaciers and beautiful waterfalls around every corner. Here’s just one of the many lines I did during my holiday there. I passed this spot two times during a stay nearby and just had to stop next to the road and send a few packs! I think it worked out nicely. Location was Gudvangen, waterfall is named Kjelfossen.

(Direktlink, via imgur)

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