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Schlagwort: Butterflies

Schmetterling unter Rasterelektronenmikroskop

Teile eines Schmetterlings in ganz, ganz nahe. Hier die Fotos dazu.

„In the first chapter of Microworld Unseen, our main character is the pale grass blue (Pseudozizeeria maha) which is a common butterfly found in Asia. It is small and has a quite ordinary look. As a result, you probably have seen them flying around near wild flowers before, but very likely, you have paid little attention to them. Their ordinary look is the reason why we decided to take another good look at them with a SEM. One hidden feature revealed: the body of this little creature was covered with different kinds of scales everywhere you look.“

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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42 nordamerikansiche Schmetterlinge flattern auf einem GIF als Infografik

Habe ich so bisher auch noch nicht gesehen. Bei Tabletop Whale gibt es das Ding auch in groß. Das hätte ich damals so gerne als Karte in der Schule gehabt. Für alles.

I checked out six butterfly field guides from the library and picked out some of the species I thought were the most unique and beautiful.

It’s meant as a chart of decorative species illustrations rather than an educational infographic. So it doesn’t have as much information as my other posts, but I did draw everything as true to life as I could.

(via Like Cool)

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