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Schlagwort: Rainbows

Zir­ku­larer Regenbogen

Wenn man sie aus der richtigen Perspektive betrachtet, kann man Regenbögen offensichtlich auch als Kreis sehen. Hatte ich bisher noch nicht.

This rainbow is from the Lakhta Center skyscraper you can see not only panoramas of St. Petersburg, but also interesting effects, which low-earth inhabitants do not know. Only from such a height the usual rainbow after the rain can be seen in a new form and it will not look like a familiar arch, but as a full circle. This view is accessible from the cockpit of the tower crane, which is building a skyscraper, but visitors of the Lakhta 360 viewing platform, which will open on the last floor of the skyscraper, will soon be able to see an amazing rainbow.

(Direktlink, via Likecool)

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Bonbons und heißes Wasser

Dexter See hat diese Bonbons mit so Zuckerglasummantelung in heißem Wasser gebadet, so das die als Ensemble eine schöne Regenbogenparty feiern. „Form a circle with Skittles on a plate (colours should be in repeated order, preferably according to colours of the rainbow e.g. purple, green, yellow, orange, red), then pour hot water over them.“

(Direktlink, via swissmiss)

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Tornado trifft auf Regenbogen

Welch ein Naturschauspiel, welches sich da in Colorado abgespielt hat und von den Basehunters gefilmt wurde.

Around 2:00pm MDT supercells began developing in a band across beginning in central Colorado and extending eastward into eastern Colorado by around 4pm. A cell near Lamar, CO became tornadic ~4:30pm MDT and produced a photogenic elephant trunk tornado with rainbow in foreground near Eads, CO. The storm later produced several times before crossing the cold front north of Cheyenne Wells, CO. Several tornadoes were also intercepted after dark in western KS near Oakley around 9pm CDT.

(Direktlink, via TDW)

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