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Schlagwort: Sound EFX

Ein AKW-Kühlturm als Sound-Effektgerät

Warum nur einen Bodentreter oder ein Effektgerät verwenden, wenn man stattdessen auch einen alten, leeren Kraftwerkskühlturm benutzen kann? Sylvia Massy hat diese Gelegenheit jetzt einfach mal genutzt und knallt eine Snare durch den hohlen Turm. Hübsches Reverb.

„During the recording of Thunderpussy in SATSOP’s abandoned nuclear power facility, producer Sylvia Massy takes time to walk through the set-up, including playing the snare to listen to the cooling tower’s massive reverb.“

(Direktlink, via Maik)


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Chucks als Bodentreter

Indie. Rock. Punk. Und so. Alle trugen Chucks. Aus Gründen. An meinen Füßen sahen Chucks immer nicht ganz so gut aus, was hierbei keine Rolle spielt, denn irgendwelche Freaks haben die guten alten Chuck Taylor Allstars zu einem echten Bodentreter umfunktioniert. Und der läuft.

The Chuck Taylor All Wah shoe replaces the potentiometer found in a standard wah pedal with a metallic strip that sends data when the wearer bends their foot to create a wah effect.

The original prototype version designed by Critical Mass in 2013 plugged the guitar directly into input and output jacks on the sole, but the final version by Cute Circuit communicates wirelessly with a Wah Box via Bluetooth

The All Wah works with a traditional amp, but can also be connected to a Mac or iPhone, according to Pitchfork. There’s no indication as to when you’ll be able to buy it, but you can see the original prototype in action below.

(Direktlink, via FACT)


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Soundeffekte in den 1930ern

Insider’s view of the 1930s radio studio showing the production of dramatic sound effects.

A boy lies on his bed (wearing a white shirt and a necktie), listening to a radio western. We see the images the radio creates in his mind, then we cut to the studio, where we see that this whole fantasy world is created at a frantic pace by announcers in three-piece suits and sound-effects technicians operating incredibly complicated jury-rigged devices. We get to see such things as one guy doing both voices in a conversation, an adult do a very convincing impersonation of a child’s voice, guys playing cowboys impersonating the sound of conversing while riding by playing „horsie“ while reading their lines, and all the weird stuff used to make sound effects. Since this is a Jam Handy picture, the good guys catch the bad guys in the end because the good guys are in a Chevrolet and the bad guys are only on horses.

(Direktlink, via reddit)

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