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Schallplatte als Gitarren-Pedal

Das neue Album „Skin Walker“ der Garage/Thrash-Band Brother O Brother erscheint in limitierter Auflage auf einer Schallplatte, die gleichzeitig ein Gitarrenpedal ist. Dürfte sich als klassisch genutzter Bodentreter nicht sonderlich eignen, aber die Idee finde ich ganz witzig. Es wird nur 15 Exemplare davon geben.

This unholy innovation comes from pioneering vinyl experimentalists Romanus Records, who have something of track record when it comes to taking the humble long-player places it’s never been before. Romanus filled one LP with razor blades and gunpowder, embedded LEDs in another, and even worked on a limited edition „liquid-filled snowglobe variant“ vinyl edition of the soundtrack of the Bill Murray comedy Scrooged.

Skin Walker will be released as a pair of vinyl LPs, each considerably thickened to house the pedal electronics, with the control knobs positioned on the centre labels. One pedal will offer overdrive/boost, and feature a toggle switch to control two different channels, while the other is a delay pedal, with four settings to create unique combinations of delay.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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