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Tokyo 1992 in HD

Ich selber war noch nie in Tokyo, mag aber immer ältere Aufnahmen von Städten. Warum weiß ich gar nicht genau – ist halt so. Hier Tokyo im Jahr 1992.

Good-Night TOKYO was video recorded in 1992 using a high-definition camera with features that didn’t become standard on consumer devices for 20 years: 1080 lines and 60 frames per second. The world depicted is clearly from decades ago, but is recorded with a sharpness and starkness that signifies the present day, at least in the U.S. and Europe. It’s a fascinating artifact which reminds me how carefully composed period films and shows have to be, because the real world is in truth empty of old things and overstuffed with the new.

(Direktlink, via BoinBoing)

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