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Vier Fallschirmspringer in einem Auto über der Area 51

Vier Fallschirmspringer sind über der Area 51 in Arizona in einem Auto aus einem Flieger gefahren und in der Karre dann Richtung Boden gefallen. Warum eigentlich auch nicht?

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I’d love to throw a car out of an airplane”…no? Well these guys did. It was Konstantin Petrijcuk’s dream to huck a car out of a airplane since he first started skydiving 10 years ago. This August, he and his friends made that dream a reality. With the help of Steve Curtis, professional skydiver/stunt coordinator, this rowdy crew traveled to Arizona’s Area 51 to throw not one, but two cars out of an airplane.

Not only did this daring team hurl cars out of an airplane, they rode inside the cars! This is an extremely dangerous stunt since the behavior of a car falling through 120 mph wind is completely unpredictable. There were some close calls, along with some short term injuries, but all in all it was a safe and successful mission. “It was like riding a roller coaster on an invisible track!”

(Direktlink, via Like Cool)

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