The ISS „Stacks“

Ich habe keinen Schimmer, was genau diese „Stacks“ sind oder was genau sie gestapelt dann machen, aber das hier ist der totale Space Porn, der verdammt großartig aussieht.

Video achived by „stacking“ image sequences provided by NASA from the Crew at International Space Station.
Stacks make interesting patterns visible, for example lightning corridors within clouds.
One can also sometimes recognize satellite tracks and meteors – patterns that are not amongst the main startrails.
The many oversaturated hot pixels you see are the result of the very high ISO settings the D3s in use at the ISS have been pushed to keep exposure times low (due to the high speed the ISS has).
Unfortunately as there are no dark frames or RAW data available, these are not easy to remove.

(Direktlink, via io9)

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