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Das Punk-Label Dischord Records hat seinen kompletten Katalog bei Bandcamp geparkt

Auch mal gute Nachrichten: Das legendäre, in Washington D.C. verankerte, Punk- und Hardcorelabel Dischord Records hat schon im Jahr 2017 seinen kompletten Backkatalog bei Bandcamp zum kostenlosen Stream zur Verfügung gestellt. So kann man sich dort durch Hardcore und Punk der letzten 40 Jahre hören und bei Gefallen natürlich auch kaufen. Und ich denke, heute gibt es bei mir keine Elektronik im Ohr.

While the foundations of punk music have multiple different influencers, seminal Washington DC punk label Dischord have always had their say. The independent label, co-owned by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, founded the company in 1980 in order to release Minor Disturbance by The Teen Idles. From there, Dischord focused on a nationwide network of underground bands and continued to spearhead the punk movement with their uncompromising approach to the music industry.

“We don’t use contracts, lawyers, any of those kinds of things,” MacKaye once commented on the ethos of Dischord Records. “We are partners—they make the music, and we make the records.”

Nelson, echoing MacKaye’s sentiment, added: “From the beginning of this label, people have said that the way we do things is unsustainable, unrealistic, idealistic, and we were just dreaming,” he said. “Well, the dream is now 35 years old, so they can go fuck themselves.”

(via BoingBoing)

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