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Ein schlafender Pottwal

Wake me when it’s over.

The sperm whale is the largest toothed predator on Earth and perhaps the most gentle of all the whales we have had the pleasure of spending time with. @mitty is beautifully positioned to capture a peaceful moment of a sleeping mother. Able to dive to depths of over 6,000 feet, they are the second deepest diving animals on the planet. They travel to these unfathomable, perpetually inky depths to feed on squid. A lot of the whales we are encountering still have squid tentacles hanging out of their mouths as you can see here. After continuously diving to such extreme depths, the whales then park themselves vertically in the water column and go to sleep. What a privilege it is to have a tiny glimpse into the complex lives of these gentle giants.

(via this isn’t happiness)

3 Kommentare

  1. Martin7. Januar 2020 at 23:36

    Heißt der im Englischen tatsächlich Sperm Whale!?!…heilige Scheiße^^

  2. Martin8. Januar 2020 at 21:11

    Ach cool, danke für den Hinweis :)

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