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Eine Ambient-EP als interaktive Smartphone App: Loscil – Adrift

Neue Technologien schaffen bekanntlich neue Möglichkeiten. In diesem Fall hier im Bereich des Vertriebs von Musik. Der aus Vancouver kommende Scott Morgan hat jetzt als Loscil eine die EP „Adriftin Form einer App für iOS veröffentlicht. Android folgt.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-24 um 14.09.17

„Adrift is a collection of 4 pieces of endless music by ambient musician loscil. The music uses structured random selection to continuously play with no beginning or end. The pieces were conceived as aural backdrops, seascapes of sound in which the listener is encouraged to drift in and out of; at times becoming focal points for deep listening and otherwise sinking into the subconscious. Each of the four pieces is named after an infamous ghost ship. Like the ships themselves, the music is adrift at sea, wandering with the tides, following the swells of the waves, aimless and lost.

Acoustic and electronic sources were recorded and produced as individual phrases and elements that the application selects and weaves together on the fly making each experience of the music slightly different. Adrift features original artwork by Gregory Euclide, compositions and production by Scott Morgan with musicians Kelly Wyse on piano, Mark Bridges on cello and Elisa Thorn on harp.“

Mit Ambient kann man das machen. Ich mag diese Idee sehr. Hier der Trailer:

(Direktlink, via FACT)

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