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Einen alten Fernseher mit einem neuen Mac verbinden

Falls das mal irgendwer gebrauchen kann: es ist gaaaannzz einfach.

For this type of television and Macbook, you’ll need:
1. A functional television
2. USB-C to HDMI Adapter
3. HDMI Cable
4. HDMI-to-Composite Video Adapter (check that it’s not Composite-to-HDMI)
5. Composite Video Cable (the yellow plug)
6. RF Modulator (check thrift stores)
7. Coaxial Cable (that thick screw-on cable)
8. Screw Terminal Matching Transformer

Once everything is connected, make sure that the TV is set to same channel as indicated on the RF Modulator Usually there is a “Channel” switch on the side. You might need to adjust the Horizontal and/or Vertical controls.


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  1. GBy8. August 2023 at 23:02

    man beachte das ebenso instruktive Plakat im Hintergrund….

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