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Just my daily two cents

Documentary on the 2 Tone bands | Dangerous Minds

„Here’s something fun for your viewing pleasure: a documentary on 2 Tone recording artists, including interviews and performances by Madness, The Specials, The Selector, The Bodysnatchers and more.

In the late 1970s, my band The Ravers played ska and we shared a bill with Madness. They were absolutely wonderful guys. They gave my group some tips on how to improve our sound – the heavy heavy monster sound.“

Scientists Crack The Physics Of Coffee Rings | NPR
„A lot of simple things in science turn out to be quite complicated. Take, for example, coffee: You may have noticed that a spilled drop of coffee doesn’t dry as a brown blob, but rather as a clear blob with a dark ring around the edge.

It’s taken physicists more than a decade to figure out why this effect, known technically as „the coffee ring effect,“ happens. But now they think they have an answer.

The scientists who cracked the problem weren’t initially studying the coffee ring effect at all. Peter Yunker and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania were studying how different-shaped particles — like spheres, egg-shaped, or even more elongated particles — pack together when the liquid they are in evaporates.“

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