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Obst- und Gemüseschnitt in Stop Motion: The Cut

„Food Porn“ mal ganz vegetarisch. Der britische Fotograf Carl Pendle hat Obst und Gemüse in Scheiben geschnitten und draus dieses kurze Stop Motion-Video gemacht.

Before I explain what is going on here when you watch it – TURN UP THE VOLUME!

Decided to do something a bit different. I liked the idea of slicing up fruit and vegetables to create a stop motion animation of them changing shape with each cut. The idea came when I saw the cross section of a tree with the circles and decided to apply it to food. Being a food photographer and filmmaker it fitted well with what I do and I knew some of my clients would like the idea.

But it took a long time to execute. Finely slicing loads of fruit and vegetables took over 3 days and with about a 1,000 shots to create what you see here.

(Direktlink, via Laughing Squid)

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