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Pong Tisch


Daniel Perdomo hat mit einem Team eine mechanische Variante von Pong entworfen, die an einen Airhockeytisch erinnert: Pong Project. Schönes Teil.

-This project started about 2 years ago. I had the idea and i was talking with a few friends and decide to take the challenge and see how far could we go, working at nights in the free time. Just for fun.
-We don’t have any electronics, product design or manufacturing background. All we knew for this was thanks to internet (google,youtube,forums). Today you can grab all the knowledge you want just a few clicks away!
– I’ve working with computer graphics for advertising for more than 20 years and that was a great tool because we can visualize ideas quickly and with precision.
-Our circles of friends and family loves this and we wanted to show to the world the game so we can have an objetive reaction of the public and see if this is as cool as we think.
-This first is our first working playable prototype but it needs a lot of help and work for make it a production ready prototype,
so we are looking for a hardware incubator and people who may be interested in help us make it a real thing.

(Direktlink, via Likecool)

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