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Raum voll schwingender Pendel

Nicht mehr, nicht weniger.

„Originally created for a solo dancer and 40 pendulums in an abandoned building on New Yorks historic High Line, the installation has been continuously developed in contexts as diverse as the monumental industrial architecture of the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern, and the historical setting provided by the Arsenale of the Venice Biennale. This new edition preserves and privileges two central interests in Forsythe’s oeuvre: counterpoint and the unconscious choreographic competence induced by choreographic situations. Suspended from automated grids, more than 400 pendulums are activated to initiate a sweeping 15 part counterpoint of tempi, spacial juxtaposition and gradients of centrifugal force which offers the spectator a constantly morphing labyrinth of significant complexity.“

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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  1. der Muger17. Dezember 2017 at 12:58

    An der Expo 02 gab es in Biel genau so einen Raum – einfach mit noch viel mehr Pendeln. War sehr schön und seeehr sinnlich, darin herum zu gehen …

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