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Schlagwort: Animation

Ein Flug durch die Welt von Van Gogh

Maciek Janicki hat für seinen Film „No Blue Without Yellow“ auf beeindruckende Weise das Schaffen von Vincent van Gogh visualisiert und animiert. Fast im Stile Van Goghs.

The film opens luring closer and closer to discover the possibility of stepping inside a fantastical sphere. The observer is slowly drifting into Van Gogh’s world, carried by the rhythm of a waltz. Van Gogh’s memories are sculpted within his paint strokes. His memories are alive within the film, but just for a fleeting moment. The fantasy lasts simply two minutes, but within that short time the observer is immersed in a painters lifetime.


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Wenn der Wetterbericht zum Katastrophenfilm mutiert

Auch eine Art, auf aufkommende Unwetter hinzuweisen. So eindringlich.

„Dave Malkoff of The Weather Channel explains the concept of storm surge with the brilliant use of a virtual reality camera. Immersed in the center of the action, Malkoff shows what surges of different heights look like, what they can do and just how much damage they can cause.“

(Direktlink, via Laughing Squid)


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Augenzucker: Optics – Art film by Maxim Zhestkov

Neues und wieder saugutes Video CGI-Magiers Maxim Zhestkov.

Optics is an experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov exploring the behaviour of artificial light and colour in digital environments. Blending architectural gallery space with computer-generated digital glass sculptures, we encounter animated refractions, chromatic aberrations, colourful reflection and other conditions which are impossible in reality. A series of tests and explorations guides us through different optical conditions of the bright and colourful digital universe.


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Faszinierende Looping-Animationen

Wahnsinnig gute Animationen des schwedischen Designers und Motion-Graphics-Artists Andreas Wannerstedt, bei denen man am liebsten gar nicht weggucken möchte. Mehr davon auf seinem Instagram-Account.

(via BoingBoing)

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