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This is a very spontaneous Fusion Set – Judith van Waterkant @ Palapa Bar 2023

Weil dieser Mix ist eine echte Slowrave-Granate mit richtig schön derben Acid Einschlag ist. Und weil die Geschichte wie es zu diesem Mix kam einfach viel zu schön ist, um nicht weiter in die Welt getragen zu werden. Ich folge Judith auf einigen Kanälen und hatte am Wochenende quasi live mitbekommen, was da los war. Irre schön, ich hab mich voll für sie gefreut – und sie sich offenbar auch, wie diesem Set anzuhören ist.

So let me tell you a story about this very spontaneous Fusion Set:
This year I was working at Sonnendeck and had some really funny, interesting and also stressful stageshifts with my beloved team from 3000Grad and Telekollegen. I loved it! Also because its important to me to take part in this very special festival-construct that Fusion is for me. I was a little sad, that I did not get booked (Everything else would have been a lie), because I wanted to play my new tracks so bad, especially „PoP“
Then it was Sunday morning and I got a textmessage by my friend Obi:

„Acid Pauli is playing your track right now“

Remember how I said I want this track „PoP“ to be played at fusion so bad? @acidpauli played it Sunday morning at one of the most huge stages: Palapa 😳 For real?!
Seriously this means the world to me! Especially this track #pissonpatriarchy
it’s a hurtful fight to gain back self efficiency poured in a track ➡️ @mora_leipzig
And the pain is turned into a huge crowd dancing!

I came to Fusion as a teenager, because grew up in the area. I have been raving there every year since, when it took place and sometimes I even had the honour to play there myself in the last years. If someone would have told me, that my music will be played there one day by acts that I adore since decades on the hugest soundsystem, I would not have believed that. I am still crying over this.

Thank you Obi for this message! It was one of the few that came through.
I planned to attend Acid Paulis gig, but I got caught in a good conversation with friends at the other side of the Acker. I was on my way to palapa and near dubstation when I got the message. And then I ran! While I ran, I did the math, if I can make it to palapa and still hear the rest of the track. What do you think? Did I make it?

Funfact: when @jpattersson started after Acid Pauli I got asked by @alma_linda and the Palapa Bar, if I wanted to play spontaneously there right after. Again: whaaaaaat?! I said yes, with a few Sonnendeck-stageshifts in my bones and greasy hair, not having showered since days, I ran to my tent to get my headphones and Dj-stuff (well I had it with me, you never know 😅), put on some dryshampoo, painted myself a face haha and played. And here we are: have fun with the recording of this very f*cking spontaneous Fusion Set :D
I played „PoP“ myself (yeahyeahyeah!) and I also played the Remix of „Weiter“ by @andys-echo and a track by my friends @propellar_music, because they were dancing right in front of me these sweetiebois. Later the four of us closed the firespace with „Herz an Herz“ by Blümchen…. but that’s another story to tell….

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