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Tornado vs Drohne

Der Storm chaser und Fotojournalist Brian Emfinger machte am 2. Mai 2021 südöstlich von Yazoo City, Mississippi, mit einer Drohne Nahaufnahmen eines Tornados, wobei dieser sein filmendes Fluggerät aus der Luft schoß.

The tornado came at me a little further east than I first thought so where I lifted off the drone and was parked ended up being right in the middle of the path. Didn’t want to leave the spot because it was actually an open view but as debris started raining down and the tornado was within 100 yds or so I had to split.

Unfortunately during that brief dash I wasn’t focused on flying the drone and ended up losing it. Debris probably hit it around the time I was getting away from the tornado. That drone had flew in probably 10 hurricanes, was soaked numerous times in rain and snow, and had recently simply dropped out of the sky for no apparent reason…. so it lived a good drone life but it was its time.

(Direktlink, via Twisted Sifter)

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