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Trumps Walk-of-Fame-Stern mit zertrümmert

Der Stern Donald Trumps auf dem „Walk of Fame“ in Hollywood wurde in der Nacht von einem unbekannten Tüpen mit einem Vorschlaghammer und einer Spitzhacke zertrümmert

Donald Trump’s star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed early Wednesday morning by a man dressed as a city construction worker wielding a sledgehammer and pick-ax. The man, who told Deadline his name was Jamie Otis, said he was trying to extract the star to auction it off and raise funds for the women who have come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades.

The embedded terrazzo and brass star, dedicated in 2007 in recognition of the now-GOP presidential candidate’s days as host of The Apprentice, was smashed to bits, with shrapnel flying everywhere in the early morning hours at the star’s sidewalk home at 6801 Hollywood Blvd. near the Dolby Theatre.

(Direktlink, via René)

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