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Vierstündiger Tangerine Dream Ambient-Mix

Surface 10 hat schon vor längerem diesen vierstündigen Ambient-Mix zusammengelötet, der einzig aus Produktionen von Tangerine Dream besteht. Der perfekte Soundtrack für einen Sonntag nach einem derbe dollen Wochenende. So, wie ich es gerade hinter mir habe.

A 4-hour mix set I made in honor of TD and the late Edgar Froese, who passed away almost exactly a year ago. Temporary free download, high quality mp3.

For those unfamiliar with Tangerine Dream, it’s my personal opinion that this mix is the best possible way to be introduced to their music. It focuses more on their moody ambient side, which was sometimes overlooked because of the band’s tendency to balance out their serenity with intense and faced paced passages. Tangerine Dream’s historic and undeniable influence on the evolution of electronic music can be heard throughout this mix. The mix features their first two decades, 70s and 80s, and focuses primarily on the period when Johannes Schmoelling was the third member of the band (early 80s), which I believe to be their greatest period. Take it in.

(Direktlink, via Soulguru)

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