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25 Chemie-Experimente in 15 Minuten

Hach, wenn doch nur alle Chemie-Stunden damals so gelaufen wären. Oder wenigstens die Hälfte von denen! Andrew Szydlo beim TEDxNewcastle.

Whacky colour changes, magic disappearing water, blowing up dustbins, clouds of steam, thunder air explosions. Are you ready to fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ‘explosive’ journey?

In his talk, Andrew aims to promote chemistry as the science of remarkable changes, which are often overlooked yet so important in our everyday life. And he does it brilliantly by performing an incredible series of 25 experiments in 15 minutes, totally amazing the audience (who rewards him with a long and deserved standing ovation)!

(Direktlink, via Likecool)

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