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Die Restauration einer ollen Öllampe

Kommen wir nun zum meditativen Teil des Tages: My mechanics hat eine wirklich schon ziemlich vergammelte, olle Öllampe restauriert. Nicht mehr, nicht weniger. Aber sehr entschleunigend.

It was pretty much exactly three weeks ago when I last visited my friend that works at the recycling station. He always takes interesting antique items at home and sells them on eBay, so he always has very cool old and rusty stuff to restore for me. Right at the moment when I first saw this oil lamp I knew I want to make a restoration video about it. He told me that must be a barn find because of the dirt that did stick to it. Not only because I liked its design, it was also very rusty and dirty and the glass was not broken. Well, it turned out later that it was indeed broken, but the crack was not visible and I realized that myself just after cleaning with the parts washer. I was shocked when I saw the huge crack, I wasn’t even sure if I made it when disassembling or cleaning. So I checked all the recordings right away to see if the crack was already there before and I was quite reliefed when I saw that I didn’t do it. I did a lot of research if it would be possible to repair it, unfortunately it’s impossible to fix a crack in glass.

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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