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Ein Buch über Trommelmaschinen: Beat Box – A Drum Machine Obsession


Joe Mansfield hat um die 200 Trommelmaschinen zusammengesammelt, sie schön in Szene gesetzt, fotografiert und in einem 200 Seiten dickem Buch beschrieben: Beat Box – A Drum Machine Obsession. Tolle Idee und ich würde mich freuen, dieses Buch tatsächlich mal in den Händen halten zu können. Nicht nur der offenbar sehr gelungenen Ästhetik wegen.

This collection of drum machines started nearly three decades ago in 1986 with a TR-808. Mansfield was a young hip-hop producer at the time who went on to produced for Ed O.G. („I Got To Have It“ and „Be A Father To Your Child“) and later founded Traffic Entertainment and Get On Down. His obsession with drum machines continued all these years, and with this book it has finally spilled out of his home and climate-controlled storage space into the world at large.


Mansfield’s collection has never been about hoarding trophies: he’s worked with all the drum machines in the book. This attachment gives the book an authentic feel rather than a cold catalog of objects. And as any good drum machine manipulator knows, the machines can have soul. Mansfield reminds us that drum machines have been used in the rock and pop world since the 1970s: Sly & The Family Stone, Kraftwerk, YMO and Blondie made classic tracks with drum machines. In the 80s, artists like New Order to Prince made soulful art with drum machines.

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