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Field recording 1987: 90 Minuten San Franciscos Nebelhörner und die Brandung in der Bay

(Foto: tslm_1994)

Schönes Zeitdokument von 8ØHÐ, der eine Field recording Aufnahme aus dem Jahr 1987 in die Cloud geladen hat, die wohl 1987 in der San Francisco Bay entstanden ist. Die Brandung der Bay und vier separate Nebelhörner. Direkt mal in meinen Samples-Ordner geschoben. Weil: so schon fast eine perfekte Ambient-Nummer. Bisschen Hall und bisschen Delay noch drüber vielleicht. Mega.

In the late ’80s, my dad recorded the foghorns of San Francisco on tape for my mother. Many of the foghorns in San Francisco Bay can never be heard again as they have been replaced by more advanced technology. (Please read on)

Here is what my dad has to say:

This recording was made late in the evening on the foggy night of August 29th, 1987 from
Lands End near Lincoln Park in San Francisco, using fairly inexpensive stereo equipment. The coordinates are approximately N 37 degrees 47′ 14″; W 122 degrees 29′ 40.5″. Years later I converted the recording to digital for posterity. There are four separate fog horns audible, each with specific characteristics such as direction, intervals and frequencies; two are single, two are double. I believe two of these are located on the nearby Golden Gate Bridge itself and another may be at Point Bonita on the Marin Headlands, 2.5 miles west of the bridge. Also audible is the surf below the cliffs of Lands End. At about 1:08:00
into the recording a small plane can be heard flying overhead.

(via BoingBoing)

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