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Kurzer Kurzfilm als Reminiszenz an HipHop: Hip Hop Cafe

Das ist ziemlich gut, könnte gerne länger sein und/oder schnell einen zweiten Teil vertragen.

Born out of his Jamaica sound system roots, DJ Kool Herc changed the face of the planet in the 1970’s resourcefully creating something out of nothing called Hip-Hop. Heavy bass, scratching, break dancing, rap, graffiti art and dress code, mixing old flavours making new fresh statements are at the core of the culture’s expression. All of these component parts of HIP HOP, I love, live for and are the driving forces behind what drove me to write, produce, finance and direct my contribution to the culture called Hip Hop Cafe.

A short film for real HIP HOP heads globally, this one is for you. As far as I am aware a film like hasn’t existed until now. Have a watch, like it, share it, and hit me up if you want to see HOP CAFE 2


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