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Der Fotograf Jeroen Van Nieuwenhove mit einem Blick von oben auf flüssiges Gestein in Island mit einer Temperatur von ~1200 °C. Faszinierend.

Out of all the footage I captured during the past three eruptions, this clip easily makes my nerdy heart beat the fastest. It looks like a great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame (anyone out there who got the reference?!😅). What you’re looking at is a top down view of a lava river rushing down a hill. The lava is so liquid, it’s moving almost as if it were water. This is because I recorded this very close to a vent further up the hill. The lava’s temperature is still close to 1200-1250 degrees Celsius here. Additionally, because it’s going downhill, it’s going even faster than you’d expect. When I spotted this “lavafall” from ground level, I immediately knew I needed to get my drone above it as that was where it would look really interesting to me.

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