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Max Cooper – Seething

(Direktlink, via Swen)

Max Cooper hat für seine Nummer „Seething“ ein Video von Andy Lomas bekommen. Und der hat sich dabei richtig was gedacht.

The simulation work originates from Andy Lomas‘ study titled ‚cellular forms‘, which uses digital simulation of a simplified biological model of morphogenesis, with three-dimensional structures generated out of interconnected particles to represent cells.

Each form starts with a initial spherical cluster of cells which is incrementally developed over time by adding iterative layers of complexity to the structure. The aim is to create forms emergently: exploring generic similarities between many different shapes in nature rather than emulating any particular organism, revealing universal archetypal forms that can come from growth-like processes rather than top-down externally engineered design.

Cell division is controlled by accumulated nutrient levels. When the level in a cell exceeds a given threshold the cell divides, and various parameters control how both the parent and daughter cells re-connect to their immediate neighbours. New nutrient can be created by photons in cells hit by incident light rays. Nutrient can also be allowed to flow to adjacent cells. The simulation process is repeated over thousands of iterations and millions of particles, with each of the final structures comprising over fifty million cells.

00:04 — 04:41 : Nutrient created using omni-directional diffuse light
04:41 — 05:50 : Nutrient created using light from directly above growing forms
02:01 — 04:28 : Blue overlay indicates regions of new cellular division
02:34 — 03:09 : Magenta overlay indicates accumulated nutrient levels in each cell
03:09 — 03:39 : Red overlay indicates number of photons hitting each cell

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  1. Sandro7. Juli 2014 at 07:29

    die musik is jetzt nich so meins aber das video is irgendwie doch geil

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