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Your phone is now a refugee’s phone

Die BBC hat den Weg nachgezeichnet, den Menschen nehmen, um am Leben bleiben zu können. Auf diesem Weg begleitet sie und hilft ihnen wahrscheinlich bis ziemlich sicher sogar ihr Telefon.

„If you had to flee your country, what’s the one piece of technology you would take with you? This striking film, designed to watch on a mobile phone, helps the viewer to experience with immediacy the confusion and fear facing refugees making a perilous journey by boat. Your phone is now a refugee’s phone. Text messages arrive from your family. Suddenly someone contacts you on WhatsApp warning you to turn back. But are they right? Your lifeline is a phone with no signal that’s rapidly running out of battery.
The film is based on research conducted by BBC Media Action, in partnership with DAHLIA, to help humanitarian agencies be aware of the communication issues of refugees in transit. It found that access to internet, mobile networks and social media are critical in helping people feel more informed and better connected…“

(Direktlink, via Martin)

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    komische apple werbung

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