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Das vielleicht erste Katzenvideo der Welt

1906 und ganz ohne Internet.

– What we know :
We have learned so far that this film is “Le déjeuner des Minet” made in 1905, and released in 1906. This is a french movie, and many viewer lipread french words.
– What we don’t know yet :
The name of the director. The name of the young girl, and her grandmother.

Old film restoration with the following workflow :
– Cleaning dust and scratches, degraining, stabilizing, sharpening, auto-levels and auto-white balance with AVISynth
– Upscaled and Colorized using neural network to 4k
– Frame interpolation up to 60 fps

Director: unknown | Production Country: France | Year: 1906 | Production Company: Pathé Frères | FLM7669 | Film from the collection of Eye (Amsterdam)


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