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Ein Farbe schleudernder Kunstroboter

Der Künstler und Ingenieur JBV hat mit dem Flingbot einen Roboter entwickelt, der Farbe schleudert und so immer individuelle Kunstwerke schafft. Das ist eine ganz schöne Sauerei, aber ein herrlich farbenfrohe.

The next parameters are the starting and ending fling angles. Randomly chosen by the code, the trajectory and point it hits the canvas is variable creating another factor of uniqueness. This is all controlled by a servo under the base of the catapult, which also happens to be the motor that allows Flingbot to position itself under the paint reservoirs.

All in all, accounting for all the different parameters, there are almost 3 trillion paintings that Flingbot can make. The number is likely even higher than this because there are even more variables to consider that are out of Flingbots control. These include the consistency of the paint, the angle of the canvas, the temperature in the room…the list goes on. It’s safe to say that each one of Flingbot’s painting is truly one of a kind.

(Direktlink, via Kottke)

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