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Kolorierte Fotos aus der Weihnachtszeit von 1910 in New York

Vlacz hat sich einige Fotos aus dem Jahr 1910 genommen, die damals um die Weihnachtszeit beim Einkaufen entstanden sind. Dann wurde die Bildqualität „nach oben geholt“ und die Fotos wurden koloriert. Eine kleine nostalgische Reise in Farbe.

Looking at these old Christmas photos from 1910 in New York it’s hard not to feel a sense of nostalgia, It’s amazing to think how much has changed in the last 100 years, and yet in someway how much stayed the same, there’s something touching about seeing these photos, These Photos are a wonderful glimpse into a bygone era.

I colorized , restored ,upscaled the photos to 4k Quality and applied face restoration and did audio mixing for this video

Photos Restoration Process:
✔ Image resolution boosted up to 4K
✔ Improved Photo sharpness and brightness
✔ Colorized only for the atmosphere (not historically accurate)
✔ Face Restoration

Please, be aware that the colors are not real and fake, colorization was made only for the atmosphere and to be able to see the past in color, but the colors do not represent real historical data.


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