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Official Trailer: Ghostbusters – Afterlife

Ich habe hier ja innerfamiliär hin und wieder Kino-Dates, die ich mal mehr, mal weniger motiviert annehme. Nach diesem Ghostbusters Trailer für “AFterlife” bin dann wohl ich endlich mal wieder der Filmbestimmer. Lieb einfach alles daran.

Set in the universe of the first two Ivan Reitman films from the 1980s, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” tells the story of Callie, a single mom struggling to survive in Chicago with her two kids, 12-year-old Phoebe and 15-year-old Trevor. When Callie receives news of her long-estranged father’s passing – a father she never even knew – she and the kids pack up the Subaru and move to the small midwestern town of Summerville.

As the family settles into their “inheritance,” a rotting, worthless dirt farm, they soon discover that they have mysterious ties to a team of paranormal investigators called the Ghostbusters, the specter-catching team who saved New York City from supernatural destruction 35 years ago.


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